Computer Assisted Language Learning: an Introduction by Mark Warschauer

Published March 10, 2014 by Esra

My opinion on computers in language learning is very positive. I think it makes life easy in many ways and one of these ways is learning. It’s possible to do many difficult calculations with a click of a mouse or listen to a video on the internet about a subject matter you didn’t understand very well. In this article by Mark Warschauer we have the opportunity to learn some basic history on computer assisted language learning which gives us teachers a whole new world wide classroom to teach and learn all together. The development of CALL can be categorized in terms of three phases which are the behavioristic CALL, the communicative CALL, and the Integrative CALL.

The order in these phases are going towards a better and authentic learning environment that gives the learning a better chance to practice the language as it is in the last phase that is named the integrative CALL where we are introduced to the term “internet”. Nowadays learners use the internet for various reasons in the educational system either consciously or unconsciously. They get to chat with foreigners, play games that are in their target language, do their research or homework. They could do these for fun or for learning purposes.

There was a Professor of Educational Technology at the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences at Newcastle University, England named Sugata Mitra, which participated in a TED talk and won the prize wish of 2013. I was very fascinated by his presentation which observed different age groups of children learning and teaching themselves how to use a computer and even learning language from it all together. I wanted to share this video of his presentation “Build a school in the cloud”.

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