WordPress, Twitter, Feedly in the language class

Published March 14, 2014 by Esra

WordPress and Feedly are very useful indeed. A teacher could build interest in their internet generation students that are eager to go home and sit infront of the computer to see what fantasy or reality they could witness. In my opinion the reason of the lower age groups facination towards the interent is because they feel the beuty and power of their free will. They could do anything that they would never never even imagine doing outside the virtual world. If we were to go back to our topic what I am trying to say is to help them use this world for their benefit. An English language teacher should give a good background context for the aim that s/he sets and leave the rest to their imagination. With wordpress students could be writers to write their strong feelings on the various topics the teacher presents them, they could share, communicate, read, listen, view, and keep in touch with many others like them. They could do all of these in their own space with wordpress and feedly. When it comes to twitter I think we should differ it from the other two because its use is much more different then the others. I wouldn’t use twitter in purpose of teaching language very often (especially if my students are under 16 or so) but, I would have my older students follow users I think would be some help in their learning and maybe even have them write what they think a certain user indicates in their sentences.

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