2 D’s for different storage uses

Published May 17, 2014 by Esra

Delicious is a kind of bookmark. We use them a lot on our journey through the internet for instences I love to palce a site in my favorites so that I could go back when ever I want. I do this a lot when I like how the site looks but I’m just too lazy to read it at the time. Actually we didn’t use Delicious for these reasons but it could be. You get to store all these favorites and share them with anyone you want so you get to view the shared ones by others as well. The best thing about Delicious is that you can view these in any internet connected device you want. Dropbox has the same function as well. You get a storage limit but you could expand it if you are willing to pay or invite new users. I use Dropbox a lot nearly everything I save is in it. It is in my computer and my smartphone. I could even share my folders as I like. They are both very useful and easy to use.

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