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Published May 17, 2014 by Esra

We were introduced to 2 new learning environments one called Edmodo another called PBworks. We are currently using Edmodo and I have used it before as well. Actually, I did not find it useful last year, but I think after I have gotten used to it or the fact that someone taught me how to use it this time made me change my mind. It is very easy to use and fun at the same time. You can give out or recieve homework from your students, you could also chat with them give out scores and do many other things as well. PB works is nearly the same but of course different. It is much more useful if you want to work on something as a group. You can share your work and even open the editting to various users. It’s quite interesting if you are curious to see everyones point of view and the outcome of various minds. I loved them both and would love to introduce them to my future students to use.

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