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Online education

Published September 14, 2014 by Esra

Do you use the internet for learning? What do you mostly use? Well I think we mostly use audio-visual tools to learn online more than reading.Most of us just write the subject matter in youtube and watch what they have. Is there other ways? Yes, there are tons of other professional ways that most of us are not even aware of that I think this kind of lack of knowledge is very disappointing (maybe I should carry out a survey). Thus, let us talk about some online material such as webinars and courses for free =)

Webinars are conferences but on the web, just like it’s name refers to. You get to see the presenters, listen, ask questions as the presentation continues, and even get a certificate with your name on it. If you miss it don’t worry there are mostly recorded for you to watch at there site. Here is one site I frequently visit (

How about a course? I found this new site named Coursera, ıt gives teaches lesson using videos, form discussions, and assignments with of course due dates. I am trying out one its courses right now this is my first week and I have so many assignments. Here is the link for you to check out (

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